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Jillian Sullivan 
17/5/2010 12:49:56 pm

"So, think of that. Your hand on the side of the boat catching on chipped paint, the luxury of stainless steel, the weave and roughness of canvas. Hand, hand, hand and under your hand the whole structure arises, and I tell you this, the structure was there all along and you remade it." (p. 59)
This captures tactilely what is going on in your brain--amazing!

Hana Sullivan
17/5/2010 12:52:56 pm

From chapter 'Passion':

Keep the central fire burning with your love of story and see to it yourself ~ don't take anyone else from their passion, don't expect others to hold your hand and feed you. In everything be responsible for yourself. Be your own creator and create.

Just one of many I love!

Rangi Carroll
17/5/2010 12:54:04 pm

Collaborations are useful and powerful, which is why they are rare.

I've never seen one work in real life.

They are usually the domain of very mature artistes rather than struggling artists.

Make your own mark rather than a stain.

Demelza Franklin
17/5/2010 12:55:00 pm

Such an inspiring book, its like reading 56 revealations. A gifted author!

Mary Hickey
17/5/2010 12:55:21 pm

This is the book I keep beside my bed to inspire and refresh me.

Rangi Carroll
17/5/2010 12:55:41 pm

Artists are called gifted after so much work and honing.

In fact, I know this book will be so good, I would feel cheating to study it.

For this reason I'm glad I'm already published and can credit for my own creativity.

But do I want this guide?

Absolutely. It's not going to rob me of my own inspirations which make our individual brilliance.

Melanie Drewery
17/5/2010 12:56:17 pm

"Acknowledge the storm, the craft you have chosen, the warmth and light that is your right, and then go for it. Only then does something bigger happen under your pen, because you have brought the bigness of your courage to your craft." (p. 68-69) Thanks for being brave enough to write that!

Bridget Auchmuty
17/5/2010 12:56:46 pm

There are so many bits of this book I love (of course, I'm prejudiced) but one of my favourites is this, from the chapter 'Constigours': "But the woman is out there on the camel, out there in the dark with the desert air on her cheeks and the whole wide sky of stars above her face. She pulls her white shawl closer. She is the writer, the one who rides into the dark desert ~ the constigour ~ constant rigour."

Jeannine Bradley
17/5/2010 12:57:24 pm

"Even though you are alone, there is no aloneness. You can learn this now, or at the moment of death. Now will help you more. As soon as you feel the alone state, move to the next phase. Go out to the air and be there and feel the air enter your body as you breathe, joining all of life to you, and as you breathe out, feel all of you join life. Put your hand on a blade of grass, on a stone, on a shell. Breathe.
"If you have a pet, that can work as well. Lay your hand on the coat of your dog, or your horse, or the feathers of a bird, the rich fur of cat. The breath, and ah, we are all one."

Jillian Sullivan
17/5/2010 01:00:01 pm

Quote of the week:

"What you are doing when you put yourself forward, is to risk something happening. You risk a whole new sight and understanding and then you are not who you were the moment before but someone reinvented." P138

Rangi Carroll
17/5/2010 01:00:46 pm

Exactly the premise of my novel.

The metamorphosis of growing from childhood to womanhood. With of course very spectacular conditions.

Love will make us risk of course. But the baptism of reality that tests our love is the little stated rip current which makes us winners or losers, combatants or prisoners, in the war between the sexes. And our inner selves.

Jillian Sullivan
17/5/2010 01:01:22 pm

Quote of the week:

“Work, and time, and all things are possible. You think you have to have faith and belief first? No. The doubt always comes first. Squash it, then begin the work. The work is the belief. The time you invest is the faith. There is no easier way about it. All goals take work and time, and then they’re achieved.” P 84.
When I have doubts about my ability to start or keep on with a project, this quote reminds me to just begin the work. Through work the project is achieved, not by waiting for the time my mind agrees I am up to it!

Rangi Carroll
17/5/2010 01:01:49 pm

"... not by waiting for the time ..."

The key to absolute conquering success.

Martin Luther King was told his timing was not right by pastors. He was in the zone, they weren't.

Get in the zone, get in the zone, get in the zone!


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